Grapefruit Basil Greyhound

Grapefruit Basil Greyhound


A fresh, summer-friendly grapefruit cocktail perfect for outdoor parties
  • 1.5 ounces vodka or gin
  • 2 ounces fresh squeeze grapefruit juice
  • Drizzle of honey
  • 2-3 finely chopped fresh basil leaves
  • Sparkling water (We love Topo Chico!)
  1. Rim the glass with grapefruit or lime, by placing the glass facedown in your choice of salt or sugar. Fill with ice.
  2. Fill a large shaker with ice. Add in vodka or gin, grapefruit juice, basil, and honey to taste. Shake thoroughly and strain into the glass. Fill to the top with sparking water or Topo Chico!
  3. Add a slice of lime or sliced grapefruit for garnish and enjoy!

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